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Osborne Bingham

is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist. He provides a form of alternative healthcare which specializes in improving the quality of life for others through very, focused touch. He has studied, and has been thoroughly trained, in various techniques, on how to use his hands and specific tools to affect the connective tissues, or in other words, the muscles of the human body. Performing this service brings about positive physical changes, as well as mental, and sometimes even emotional. Osborne was introduced to massage therapy when he was 14 years old. He continued to practice as time went on, but his passion for the profession became official after he volunteered to give his grandfather some therapeutic treatment. His grandfather was 82 years old at the the time and is the typical "man's man." In addition, during his upbringing, it was basically an unwritten law that a man shouldn't touch another man in any other way, other than a handshake. Nonetheless, he allowed Osborne this opportunity to treat him. After the session, he stood up with the biggest smile on his face, and his forehead imprinted with the face cradle grooves. He said, "Wow, I feel amazing. I haven't felt this free in my hands since my twenties. It feels like my blood is just running through my whole body, so free, so easy! Thank you grandson." It was at that moment that Osborne realized he wanted to do massage seriously.