Nick Patrone

started painting eggs at age 17 as a way to give gifts to people he cared for. He moved to acrylics and then interrupted his art time to become a Medical Doctor. Scattered episodes of creativity led to more intricate painted eggs until Nick got side tracked with Music leading to a degree in Composition from ECU.

Several years later he decided to take up calligraphy and finally watercolor (which, he admits, had always been intimidating) under the guidance of Jan Sullivan-Volz.In 2019 Nick decided to retire from the practice of Medicine and rented studio space at the Bel Air Art Center where he works five days a week on calligraphy, ink drawings, watercolor paintings, and at Christmas and Easter, painted eggs.

Nick paints for inner peace and the joy and fulfillment of bringing life to an empty canvas. He also enjoys painting with his granddaughter...who surpasses all the family in talent.